Applications /// Medical Coils

Medical Coils ///

Medical Precision Winding can supply product down to 58 gage (.004”) for use in medical navigation coils, CT, PET and MRI scans. We also supply surgical coils, heater coils, catheter deployed coils and medical antennas that are used for transmission of data and battery charging.


Dedicated To Medical Electronic Coil Winding

  • Experts in medical winding requirements
  • I.D. as small as (.005″) to (0.12mm)
  • Wire sizes 32 to 58 gauge
  • Programmable winding machines used under microscopes
  • Micro processor controlled soldering
  • Digitally controlled bonding ovens and (-40 C) freezer
  • Heater Coils
  • Surgical Coils
  • Proximal Coils
  • CT, PET and MRI Scan Coils
  • Magnetic Devices
  • Navigation Coils
  • Surgical and Monitoring
  • Oxygen Monitoring Systems
  • Electrode Defibrillators
  • Internal Vascular Probe Coils
  • Surgical Coils

Medical Precision Windings has developed proprietary Micro Coil Technology, Processes for fine wire winding and soldering (40-58 Gage Wire).

  • Experts in Medical Winding Requirements
  • 4 – 58 gage (.0004″) winding capabilities
  • ID as small as (.005″)
  • Lead wire assemblies for Catheter deployment, 58 gage to 50 gage, Twisted Lead Pair
  • Programmable winding machines used with microscopes
  • Microprocessor controlled soldering irons
  • Digitally controlled bonding ovens and -40C freezer
  • Encapsulation in Medical Grade Polymers
  • Class 8 Clean Room

Applications include, medical devices for internal arterial probes, catheter implants and numerous sensing applications. We are not limited by size or configuration.

  • 58 gauge (.0004″) wound coils – 4 gauge
  • Air Coils, Bobbin Wound Coils, Squares, Rectangles, Ovals and Custom Configurations
  • Ferrite Wraps
  • Gold Wire Coils
  • Platinum Wire Coils
  • Silver Wire Coils
  • Value added lead wire assemblies, 58 gage to 50 gage, Twisted Lead Pair
  • Encapsulated Coils
  • Flex Circuit to Coil Assemblies
  • Fine Wire Soldering
  • Litz Wire
  • Class 8 Clean Room
  • Closed loop single and four-spindle computer controlled winding machines capable of perfect layer winding and microscope equipped operators.
  • Precision fine wire tension devices.
  • Fine wire stripping processes to 58 gauge
  • Microprocessor controlled tinning, soldering and secondary assembly stations.
  • Microprocessor controlled Ovens and freezers
  • CCD camera equipped microscopes with 20” LCD viewing monitors for inspection, training, and dimensional confirmation.
  • Solid-state multi-megahertz multi-functional frequency testing instruments
  • Lazer Marking
  • Electronic Voltec Testers
Quality Assurance
  • ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED
  • NASA Certified
  • Nuclear power industry certification
  • Numerous Aerospace Awards for Quality
  • Hold tolerances to +/- (.0005″) to ( .0127mm)
  • CCD camera equipped microscopes for inspection and dimensional confirmation
  • ITAR Certified